Created 8-Jun-24
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Graphic Rhythms In Designed Spaces

In GRIDS, I delve into the intrinsic dialogue between light and shadow, exploring the urban landscape through a minimalist lens that foregrounds the stark beauty of geometric forms. This body of work, rendered in monochrome, seeks to distill the essence of architectural structures into abstract compositions, where the interplay of high-contrast sunlight and deep shadows evokes a dynamic sense of spatial tension and harmony.

Each photograph in this series captures the rhythmic interplay of grids and lines, inviting viewers to perceive the ordinary in extraordinary ways. By isolating fragments of buildings and recontextualizing them into abstract shapes and angles, I aim to challenge conventional perspectives, urging an appreciation of the purity and precision found within the built environment.

The deliberate use of black and white amplifies the contrast and sharpens the focus on form and structure, stripping away distractions of color to reveal the underlying geometry. Directional sunlight serves as both a sculptor and a storyteller, casting long shadows that accentuate the textures and contours, creating a visual narrative that is at once stark and sublime.

Through these images, I aspire to create a visual symphony of lines and shapes, a homage to the silent poetry of the urban landscape. My work is an invitation to pause and contemplate the abstract beauty in the everyday, to see beyond the façade and appreciate the architectural artistry that defines our cities.

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